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Block Paving


Our Block Paving Installation Service

Block Paving can be used pretty much anywhere , driveways, paths and patios are all popular projects people use block paving to create great design that will provide many years of service.

They are a popular and more decorative alternative to the traditional asphalt surface or plain concrete and due to their long lasting and cheap maintenance are used in areas such as airport taxi-ways.

When it comes to designs the possibilities are pretty much endless, with a plethora of difference colours, brick designs and install patterns.


There is a nice range of colours available for paving your driveway or patio area so it doesn’t take much to come up with a design especially if altering the colour for borders.

Please hold your mouse cursor over the block colour to reveal the colour name.

As part of our design process we also create free design mocks for driveways and patios using CAD design

Landscape Garden Patio CAD Design

Different Styles and Sizes of Blocks

Standard rectangular blocks are by far the most popular choice for block paved drives in the UK. They come in a range of different colours and patterns with a thickness 40mm through to 100mm.

For residential use we usually use 50mm or 60mm dependent on whether the area will have a heavy vehicle regularly parked on it or not.

Setts and Cobbles

Tegula Block Paving – If you fancy something different to usual block paving you might want to consider Marshalls Tegula block paving. This style of paving gives a natural stone look and is available in four different colours – Traitional, Grey, Harvest and Hazelnut.

Argent Block Paving – Marshall Argent block paving is a man made block designed to look like granite. It has a great contemporary look and is available in a choice of three colours – Light, Graphite and Dark.

Popular Patterns For Laying

Block paving can be laid in a variety of patterns to create different designs.

Stretcher bond – The most simplest offset block paving pattern where the joints are offset by exactly half the width of the blocks. It is usually laid in areas where the install wont be receiving vehicular traffic such as pathways and patios.

Herringbone – This interlocking pattern is extremely popular for driveways as the interlocking of the blocks ensures the blocks aren’t moved out of position as vehicles are breaking and turning on the surface.

The herringbone design can be laid at both 45° and 90° designs.

Basket Weave – Similar to Stretcher bond, basket weave paving patterns are used for pathways or patio areas with light foot traffic.

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Installing block paving

The install area is dug out to a depth of approx 200mm making sure that the finished level is 150mm below the damp proof course in the brick of any adjoining buildings. If there are soft spots these are filled with sub-base material.

A slight slope is constructed with a 1:40 fall across the width of the drive and a 1:80 fall along the length t o aid the dispersion of standing water. Edge restraints are then laid with the sub-base added inside of the edge restraints and raked to the desired level in layers of 50mm.

A Vibrating plate is passed over the area at least seven times to ensure the base is at least 100mm thick after it has been compacted. Once this has been done a layer of around 50mm of sharp sand is added and again compacted with the use of a vibrating plate. A second layer of sand is then added on top of this at a level of approximately 20mm, this layer of sand is then levelled to the correct falls using a string line, screeding rails and straight edge.

The blocks are then laid to the desired design by hand and the joints filled with kiln dried sand. After doing this, the drive is compacting with the vibrating plate. More kiln dried sand is swept over the drive and once again the driveway is compacted. This is done until all of the joints are full of sand.

All waste materials are removed from the site.

Some of our recent block paving installations

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