Fence Blown Down

Fence Blown Down - Advice guide

In this post we are going to give you some helpful advice if you have been unfortunate to have your fence blown down due to high winds.

Fence Blown Down

What options do you have with a blown down fence?

Nobody can prevent bad weather and if you've been unfortunate enough to have your fence blown down because of a storm, you really have two options -repair the fence or replace it. The choice is going to be down to the severity of the damage and wether the fence posts or panels are beyond repair.

In most cases its probably going to be more economical and sensible to simply replace your fence with a new one. We always recommend installing a high quality fence that will withstand strong winds and suffer minimal damage even under the strongest of conditions. A well installed closeboard fence with concrete posts from Peterborough Improvements should last 10 - 15 years.

What makes a fence weak to the weather?

General Wear and Tear
The main reason for a weak fence is usually down to wear and tear. If the fence is more than 10 years old it likely that the posts (if wooden) will have become weakened at the base due to moisture in the soil soaking through into the wood.

Poorly Installed
If the fence has been poorly installed this is obviously going to affect its ability to stand up to adverse weather. It may be that the posts have not been set deep enough into the ground, or not concreted in.

Fence Responsibility

Who's responsible for a fence? Is it you or your neighbour ?

Dispite what many people might tell you, there is in fact no general rule about you owning the fence on the left or the fence on the right as you look out onto your garden. The truth is that the property developer who built your house originally would have devided the land into plots and each plot would have had its own boundarys assigned. This is something you should be able to find on your conveyance deed or "transfer deed" under "the boundaries for which the buyer is reponsible."

You can find more information about boundaries and your responsibilities at this link

Some useful hints and tips

  • If you are living in an area that is prone to high winds you might want to consider a fence that allows the wind to pass through it. Installing garden railings or a picket fence will allow the wind to pass through whilst still giving an amount of privacy and security.
  • Make sure that your posts are set at least 2 foot into the ground and secure with concrete to increase the stability.
  • Treating your fence with a fence treatment product will increase its resistance to moisture and prevent it from rotting away over time.

Replacing Blown Down Fence

In most cases if more than half of the fence is damaged it is economically best to replace a damaged fence with a new one. If your fence does need replacing we will happily give you a free quotation and advise on the best fence to install. All our fences are professionally installed to the highest standard and are built to last. You can find more information about our fencing installations here.


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