How long will it take to install my new windows?

13 October 2021

How long will it take to install my new windows?

The typical timeline for a home’s windows is four weeks, this is from initial ordering of the replacement windows and waiting for them to be built, through to them being installed in your home. Replacing one window takes around forty to sixty minutes so the timescale for each project can be worked out from this rule of thumb depending on how many windows you are having fitted.

In the majority of cases, the whole job can be completed in a single day, however, if you have a large project it may take a little longer.

Double Glazed Windows Peterborough
Double Glazed Windows Peterborough

The start to finish of having your new windows installed

Once you have decided on the style and colour of window you would like and have approved our free quotation, our installers will need to re-take precise measurements so that the correct size can be ordered and manufactured. This will ensure that your new windows fit perfectly and gives you another opportunity to speak to us about anything you might have forgot to ask on our initial survey.

Your new windows will take 3-4 weeks to be manufactured and once we have confirmation that your new windows are in stock we will arrange a convenient date for your installer to begin your project.

Your installer will begin by removing the old windows one by one as they install. They will make sure your new windows are level by using shims and insulating any cavities around the frame. They’ll then anchor them in place, install finishing trim that makes a tight seal that protects the window from weather conditions.

Once the windows have all been installed they will make sure that all the installation debris is removed from your home, leaving it just how they found it. They will also inspect every window to ensure everything is working as it should and provide you with instructions on its operation.

What happens after my new windows are installed?

The moment your home gets new double glazed windows installed, you should notice that it’s warmer and more comfortable as well as  more aesthetically pleasing exterior. You can contact us if there are any issues with installation or anything else related to your new windows.

Double glazed windows are a great investment for your home. Get the most energy efficient and durable products on today’s market by contacting us for a free quotation.


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