Installing Fence Panels

12 May 2020

Erecting Fence Panels

Paul installing new Waney fence panels
Paul installing new Waney fence panels

Fences can be installed using cement / postfix into the ground, by metal spikes or by bolting them down with a plate. Here we are going to use the most common method which is to concrete the posts into the ground.

How many panels will I need?

To determine the number of panels you will need, you need to measure the length of the area you wish to install and then divide this figure by 1.9. This will give you the total number of panels needed to complete the installation based on a standard 6ft fence panel.

What tools will you need?

  • Galvanised nails
  • String Line
  • Spade / Post hole digger
  • Spirit level
  • Measuring tape
  • Concrete mix / postfix for fixing the fence posts

Once you have everything you need, it is time to start erecting your fence.

Set Out

First of all we recommend discussing your plans with neighbours if you are going to be installing your fence next to their property.

Assuming everything is okay you will need to find your boundary line and use a string line to mark this area so you can make sure your panels are installed nice and level along the boundary line. This also prevents any fall outs with neighbours over encroaching onto their property.

Preparing your post holes

In the interests of health and safety its recommended to use a detector to make sure that there are no electric cables or pipes in the ground where you are going to be erecting your new fence.

Once you know the area is safe, you are ready to dig out the hole for your first fence post. Using a digging spade or post hole digger dig the hole to a minimum of 600mm (go deeper if the ground is very soft).

Fit the posts

Drop your post into place, and make sure it is sitting level with your spirit level. You can then backfill with your concrete / postfix and any hard core that came out of the hole.

We recommend using wood to support your post whilst waiting for the mix to set.

Measure along from the first post to where your second post needs to be located and prepare your next hole.

Set the second post in the hole, but don’t backfill it yet. Either get someone to hold it, or again use some timber to temporarily prop it in position.

Attach the fence panels

Set your panel into position, making sure you have the correct side facing and you leave enough height if you are installing a gravel board. Then attach your panel to the posts as recommended by your panel manufacturer.

Lay the gravel boards

To stop the bottom of the fencing panel from rotting, it is recommended to install a concrete or timber gravel board. For the purpose of this guide we will assume you are using a timber gravel board.

Lay the gravel board in position along the lowest part of the panel, resting it on the ground. Mark where each one crosses a post and cut to fit.

You can visit our Peterborough Fencing Home Page and contact us should you need any further advice, or if you think you would prefer one of our professional fencing installers to complete the project for you.


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