Large Resin Bound Driveway Newborough

Resin Bound Driveway Newborough

The Beginning

Our customer had an existing tarmac driveway they wanted to improve the look of with a Resin Bound Overlay.

Work we carried out

New edging blocks were installed in Charcoal and existing manholes replaced with new Recess ones.

The entire installation was hand troweled in Classic aggregate bound in UVR Resin.

Resin Bound Driveway Crowland

Resin Bound Driveway Install Crowland

The Beginning

Our customer wanted to improve the parking at his property in Crowland but liked the idea of minimal maintenance.

Work we carried out

A Resin Bound driveway was decided on with a block design in the centre to split the install slightly.

A new open course Bitumen base was installed and the entire driveway finished in Sienna aggregate bound in UVR Resin hand troweled and finished with power float.

Resin Bound Steps Ketton

Resin Bound Conservatory Floor and Surround

The Beginning

Our customers had a new conservatory being installed that they wanted to use Resin Bound for the flooring and to create two steps from outside.

Work we carried out

Aluminium edging restraints were used to edge the steps and both the conservatory floor and the steps were finished with Pearl Quartz aggregate bound in UVR Resin.

Large Patio Area in Daltex Classic

4th Project – Resin Bound Patio and Pathways for Deaf Blind UK

The Beginning

This is our fourth project for Deaf Blind UK. They wanted us to extend the existing Resin we installed a couple of years ago as well as install more railings.

Our Work we carried out

A design plan was created for where the new pathways and patio area were to be installed along with new railings.

New base work and edgings were installed where required and the entire installed finished in Celtic Plum aggregate bound in 7.5UVR Resin.

New railings were fabricated to match the existing installation we completed a couple of years ago.

Fencing installed in Wittering

New Fencing and Gates Install in Wittering

The Beginning

Our customers had some rather old fencing and gates that had seen better days that they wanted to upgrade as well as a hedge they wanted to remove and replace with fencing.

Work we carried out

The hedge was removed and new fencing installed on concrete posts and gravel boards.

New gates were then custom made on site and fitted. The entire job was competed over two days.

Metal Railings Castor

New Metal Railings Fabricated and Installed

The Beginning

Our customer has an elderly mother she was helping arrange to have some railings created so she could access the garden easier and more safely.

Work we carried out

We fabricated some new railings in the customers design choice and recommended also adding a small hand rail just above the steps.

The install was fully galvanised and finished with black powder coat.

Resin Bound Patio in Orton Peterborough

New Resin Bound Patio Installation in Orton Peterborough

The Beginning

Our customers had two patio areas at the back of their house that were very uneven, had large protruding manhole covers and had certainly seen better days.

Work we carried out

Our customers liked the idea of a resin bound installation but wanted to also increase the size of the main patio area.

We excavated the loose gravel area and created a new design using curves for the extended area. The new geotextile membrane was installed and a base of MOT Type-1 added.

New blocks were installed to edge the installation and the entire area finished in Pearl Quartz aggregate bound in UVR Resin.

Such a huge transformation that is now permeable, weed resistant and will require very little maintenance.

Decking Installed in Peterborough

New Decking Installation

The Beginning

Our customer had an area outside their rear doors they wanted to deck as close to the doors as possible.

Work we carried out

We created a new base to just below the rear doors sill and decked the area to around 14sqm.


Britney Bronze Resin Driveway Being Installed in Werrington

Resin Bound Driveway Install in Werrington

The Beginning

Our customer had a driveway that was mostly concrete with turf at the front of the property.

It was in desperate need of upgrading and extra space required for parking.

Work we carried out

The customer decided on a Resin Bound installation and to extend the parking area into the front turf area with just a corner section of about 1m to install a raid border for planting.

The groundwork was excavated with just a small area of the concrete to beyond the driveway gates suitable for overlaying.

MOT Type-1 hardcore was installed and new charcoal blocks used to edge the entire installation.

Open course bitumen was laid and the entire area troweled in Britney Bronze aggregate bound in UVR Resin.

A massive transformation that will require next to no maintenance.

Pearl Quartz Resin Bound Driveway in Crowland

New Build Property Resin Driveway Installed in Crowland

The Beginning

Our customer had a new build property that they were due to have a tarmac driveway installed but approached us to upgrade this to a Resin Bound install.

Work we carried out

The base and open-course had already been installed by the house builders so we literally just had to trowel in the Resin.

The install was finished in Pearl Quartz and took just 4 hours to complete.