Damaged Resin Driveway Replaced in March

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    October 2019

  • Category

    Driveways & Block Paving

The beginning

Our customers had a Resin bound driveway that had been installed a few years ago but not at the correct depths so it had failed. Unfortunately the company that installed the drive are no longer trading so the customer contacted us to see if it could be repaired,

Work we carried out

Unfortunately the company that installed the driveway originally had used a cheap non UV Resin and troweled in in areas way below the required depth, hence the driveway had failed. To rectify, the driveway Resin Surface was lifted and new blocks were installed at the correct heights so the correct depth of resin could be troweled. New “Carnival” blend of aggregate was hand troweled, bound in UVR Resin at 18mm. The end result is a lovely looking driveway that took just a day and a half to complete.