The Beginning

Our client contacted us as they wanted to improve the look of the front area of their property in Werrington.

We suggested that they take a look at a recent resin installation we had completed in Werrington as this would be a great product to improve the look and give them next to no maintenance.

Once the customer had visited one of our installations they we keen to move forward with the use of Resin and we arranged a time for one of our team to pop over and take some measurements and come up with some design ideas.

Work we carried out

We decided to overlay the concreted area with resin bound aggregate and install new KL kerb edgings in order to gain the height required whilst also improving the look with a new colour contrast between the resin and blocks.

After deciding on charcoal blocks with Devon Yellow aggregate we continued this look onto the triangle area with further charcoal blocks for edging and also re-laying the circle area.

The circle area was prepped up for matching Devon yellow aggregate bound in resin and the plum slate was replaced with loose Rhine Yellow 16mm aggregate.

To add the finishing touches all the block work was primed and colour sealed to really bring out the contrasting colours of the Yellow against the charcoal.

The Beginning

Our customer had a front area of the house which was gravelled and was extremely difficult to maintain with weeds coming through despite having a membrane etc.

Work we carried out

We removed all the loose gravel and dug the area out. We installed charcoal blocks around two plants in the centre of both of the front sections as a decorative feature and the rest of the area was concreted.

Once the concrete had fully cured we installed Daltex Staffordshire Pink Resin.

The end result is a modern looking design that will require no maintenance and the customer loves it.

The Beginning

Our customers had a front garden that they wanted to makeover and had seen one of our Resin Installations we had carried out elsewhere in Werrington. They Wanted to remove the current, worn out concrete pathway and install a new pathway that would branch out to run around the front of the house and to  the rear garden gate.

They also wanted the garden turfed as the ground was all uneven and just soil and weeds.

Work we carried out

We started by removing the old concrete path and sprayed out a rough design on how the path would look. Once this was decided we went on to hardcore the area, lifting the pathway level up to eliminate a big step down at the garden gate and make the same level as the house reception area.

Edging blocks were then installed and the area concreted. This was then left for a good few days to make sure it had fully cured.

Once we were happy the concrete had cured enough we installed the Resin. The customers had decided on daltex Staffordshire Pink which was laid at 12mm for foot traffic.

The following day we lifted the rest of the garden area with soil, whacker-plated the area down to achieve a good solid base and finished with top soil.

Turf was then laid with instructions to water every evening.

The customers love their new garden which is massively transformed from what it was previously.



The Beginning

Our client had a back garden she was finding high maintenance and quite bland. She wanted something that would look great all year round with little maintenance and had a few ideas she wanted to work with.

Work we carried out


After arranging to visit Rachel she had quite a clear idea of what it was she was looking to achieve and we managed to get this all down in a quotation that she was happy with.

The main turfed area of the garden was to be lifted with a decorative blocked circle to be created in order to house a small area of approximately 3m of turf, breaking up the garden. We would compliment this with a charcoal blocked border around the entire project area.

The gravel and slabbed area was also lifted to match up with the rest of the garden and become one install area.

A concrete base was installed with draining areas and the customers choice of Daltex Golden Quartz Resin overlayed.

Rachel loves her new garden and we think the entire project looks fantastic.

Number of install days was 4.

The Beginning

Our clients in Werrington village were having huge issues with their garden flooding as well as having a tired looking driveway and front.

Work we carried out

After a visit to give some advice on how we could improve the drainage for the garden it was decided that we would lift the entire rear garden and install new drainage. We would then lift the height of the garden which was previously sloping down to a level height.

The client loved the idea of a Resin Driveway, Patio area and pathways which we installed in Staffordshire Pink with a Charcoal Blocked Border. We also installed new steps as with Resin inserts to compliment the install. The previous steps were extremely low which meant a big step down into the rear garden.

The new install has solved all the flooding issues and the customer cannot believe the transformation of not only their garden but their entire font of the house and driveway.

The Beginning

Our clients in Eastfield Road Peterborough wanted to improve the look of the front of their garden/yard but to keep the look in keeping with the rest of the property.

Work we carried out

After a visit to discuss the different types of blocks and design ideas with our clients, they decided on a dark tegular block for both footpaths, with the centre piece to be seperated with dark rope edging.

The centre piece which was previous decorative stone was replaced with a gorgeous Resin insert using Brittany Bronze aggregate.

Two old coping stones were also replaced and the wall repointed in places.

Our clients love the transformation.

The Beginning

Our client in Yaxley wanted to increase the parking at a property she had recently moved into as well as add some fencing.

Work we carried out

A current gravel area of approximately 36 sqm was dug out, levelled and then turfed. We then dug out a grass area further away from the house and prepared the ground for a block paving installation.

The drainage covers in the area were all at different angles so these were made straight and set into the block paving area.

A prepared area of soil was purposely left between the newly laid lawn and the block paving for the customer to plant shrubs and flowers.

To finish the project off we installed three new featheredge fence panels on concrete posts and concrete gravel boards to split the pathway around the side of the property between the client house and next door.


The Beginning

We had just finished installing new featheredge fencing for this client in Dogsthorpe Peterborough and he was so happy with the work that he asked us if we would continue with the rest of his garden make over project.

Work we carried out

The customer wanted the entire garden clearing as it was absolutely full of weeds and rubbish.

He then wanted to work on the project in different stages over a period of time. This started with the laying of slabs to increase the current exisiting patio size. Once completed the next stage was to add railway sleepers to the left, the bottom and to the right of the garden with the back of the garden raised and again slabbed.

Once the patio area has been finished at the bottom of the garden the client would like us to professionally clean the older slabs to bring them back closer to their original colour.


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The Beginning

The client who was based in Werrington Peterborough, had a reasonable sized garden but it had been left without proper maintenance other than grass cutting for around 10 months.

There was a lot of weeds towards the rear raised part of the garden and all the hedging and trees had over grown somewhat.

Work we carried out

Jim our very experience mature gardener who has recently started to work more part time with us now wanted to deal with this project personally and started by removing weeds from the the raised section of the garden.

Once all the weeds had been removed he suggested the customer might like to topup this area with bark chippings.

The area already had bark laid down but there were areas where the membrane below could be seen so we recommended 12 90 litres bags of bark to top up the depth as well as replace any damaged membrane areas.

This will make things difficult for weeds to grow back which is ideal for our client who wants minimal maintenance involved.

Once the bark had been laid we cut back all the hedging and trees to allow more light into the garden and cut the lawn area.

The end result was a much brighter and tidier looking garden and a very happy customer.

The customer has booked us to come once a month to keep on top of things.


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