Patio shed base installed in Peterborough

New Shed Base Installed in Gunthorpe

The Beginning

Our customers wanted a new shed base installing for their new shed that was being delivered.

Work we carried out

Our clients had already decided what materials they wished to use for the project so it was simply a case of us installing.

The existing slabs were lifted and the are excavated by hand ready for hardcore.

An electric channel was installed and once everything was in place the area was whacker-plated down.

The slabs were then installed along with railway sleepers to the side of the install area.

Resin Bound Garden Feature in Stanground

Resin Driveway Feature with Block Paving in Stanground

The Beginning

Our customer had a block paved driveway with lawn area that featured a small well.

They were fed up with the maintenance of the grass and wanted to use something that would compliment the existing block paving but would require next to no maintenance.

They had seen some of our other work on Facebook and asked us for a free quotation.

Work we carried out

After deciding that a resin area would be the perfect material to use, the customer chose Britney Bronze as the colour aggregate to compliment the rest of the driveway.

The lawn area was excavated and a new concrete base installed. To make a feature of the well it was decided that new edging blocks would be installed around the area to make it stand out.

Once the base was fully cured we hand trowelled the aggregate at 18-20mm bound in UV resistant resin for vehicular traffic so the area could be driven on if and when required.

Decorative Circle in Resin and Blocks

Front Garden Makeover in Werrington

The Beginning

Our client contacted us as they wanted to improve the look of the front area of their property in Werrington.

We suggested that they take a look at a recent resin installation we had completed in Werrington as this would be a great product to improve the look and give them next to no maintenance.

Once the customer had visited one of our installations they we keen to move forward with the use of Resin and we arranged a time for one of our team to pop over and take some measurements and come up with some design ideas.

Work we carried out

We decided to overlay the concreted area with resin bound aggregate and install new KL kerb edgings in order to gain the height required whilst also improving the look with a new colour contrast between the resin and blocks.

After deciding on charcoal blocks with Devon Yellow aggregate we continued this look onto the triangle area with further charcoal blocks for edging and also re-laying the circle area.

The circle area was prepped up for matching Devon yellow aggregate bound in resin and the plum slate was replaced with loose Rhine Yellow 16mm aggregate.

To add the finishing touches all the block work was primed and colour sealed to really bring out the contrasting colours of the Yellow against the charcoal.

After Resin Install in Thorney Rear Garden

Resin Pathways and Patio in Thorney

The Beginning

Our customers had loose gravel in their front and rear gardens that they wanted to change over to a similar colour but as a Resin Bound installation meaning no maintenance.

Work we carried out

The areas were dug out by hand to the required levels, stoned up using MOT type 1 hard-core with edging blocks installed.

We then installed a concrete base which needed some time to cure ready for us to trowel the rein.

Once the concrete had cured, the area was primed and the resin (Gold Quartz) was trowelled on.


Rear Garden Entirely Slabbed with Resin Feature

Relay Old Patio and Extend to Entire Garden

The Beginning

Our customer in Cardea wanted to extend their installed patio so that it covered the entire rear garden area.

This included lifting the old slabs so we could create a chequered effect when mixing with new slabs.

Work we carried out

The turf area of the garden was lifted and disposed of. The existing slabs were then lifted and the entire area excavated ready for hardcore.

Once the hardcore was installed the entire area was whackered down to give a firm base.

The slabs were then laid and existing block edging re-used to create a decorative design in the middle of the garden which we installed White Flint aggregate bound in UV resistant resin to match the front of the property which we also installed.

Resin Bound Surfacing Peterborough

Resin Garden Makeover

The Beginning

Our client had a back garden she was finding high maintenance and quite bland. She wanted something that would look great all year round with little maintenance and had a few ideas she wanted to work with.

Work we carried out


After arranging to visit Rachel she had quite a clear idea of what it was she was looking to achieve and we managed to get this all down in a quotation that she was happy with.

The main turfed area of the garden was to be lifted with a decorative blocked circle to be created in order to house a small area of approximately 3m of turf, breaking up the garden. We would compliment this with a charcoal blocked border around the entire project area.

The gravel and slabbed area was also lifted to match up with the rest of the garden and become one install area.

A concrete base was installed with draining areas and the customers choice of Daltex Golden Quartz Resin overlayed.

Rachel loves her new garden and we think the entire project looks fantastic.

Number of install days was 4.

Resin Courtyard in Tinwell

Resin Bound Driveway/Courtyard Install

The Beginning

Our clients in Tinwell wanted to install a Resin Drive/Courtyard with matching paving around their property to keep in keeping with the style of listed building.

Work we carried out


We started by repairing badly damaged areas of concrete and tarmac and fixing the levels that were all over the place.

We then laid a block circle centre piece to the top of the courtyard and edged the entire area with rumbled blocks.

The existing paving area was lifted and concreted ready for a resin overlay as well as a new spiraling pathway installed from scratch, all with edging blocks to match the rest of the install area.

Whilst excavation equipment was on site we also created a large pond area and installed a liner.

To finish off, a patio area was installed at the rear of the property with indian sandstone slabs and railway sleepers and electric hardwood 5 bar gates were installed in two locations.

Our client decided they wanted us to install a Resin and Block pathway from their patio area leading through the garden

New Patio and Pathway (Resin/Slab/Block)

The Beginning

The customer wanted a modern looking patio area for their garden, a mixture of both resin and slab.

Work we carried out


The install area was prepared with a full dig-out. The patio area to be slabbed was raised to a higher height to the rest of the install as you can see in the images. This was slabbed with the rest of the install being Resin Bonded Surfacing.

This leads to a pathway which we created using a mixture of both Resin and Blocks and winds all down the garden.

The final result is superb and the customer couldn’t be happier.

Patio Repair

Install clients slabs

The Beginning

Our client contacted us as they had half their patio missing and wanted to enjoy it for the rest of the summer.

They had found some used slabs that were similar to the rest of the remaining patio and were wanting someone to install them correctly.

The customer was also having issues with Bamboo coming through from next door which needed to obviously be dealt with so it wouldn’t affect the newly installed slabs.

Work we carried out


A full dig out of the install area was completed along with a trench to install a bamboo barrier.

Once the dig out was completed we installed hardcore and laid the slabs to fit in with the rest of the already laid slab work. This obviously involved cuts to make sure everything looks as tidy as possible.

Laying slabs to an already existing slabbing area can be tricky as you need to keep with the levels of the already existing slabs so the new patio doesn’t stick out as freshly laid too much.

The work took a couple of days and as well as being the most lovely customers (Coffee, Biscuits, Bacon Sandwiches etc 🙂 ) they were chuffed to bits with the final result.