Resin Bound Steps Ketton

Resin Bound Conservatory Floor and Surround

The Beginning

Our customers had a new conservatory being installed that they wanted to use Resin Bound for the flooring and to create two steps from outside.

Work we carried out

Aluminium edging restraints were used to edge the steps and both the conservatory floor and the steps were finished with Pearl Quartz aggregate bound in UVR Resin.

Large Patio Area in Daltex Classic

4th Project – Resin Bound Patio and Pathways for Deaf Blind UK

The Beginning

This is our fourth project for Deaf Blind UK. They wanted us to extend the existing Resin we installed a couple of years ago as well as install more railings.

Our Work we carried out

A design plan was created for where the new pathways and patio area were to be installed along with new railings.

New base work and edgings were installed where required and the entire installed finished in Celtic Plum aggregate bound in 7.5UVR Resin.

New railings were fabricated to match the existing installation we completed a couple of years ago.

Resin Bound Patio in Orton Peterborough

New Resin Bound Patio Installation in Orton Peterborough

The Beginning

Our customers had two patio areas at the back of their house that were very uneven, had large protruding manhole covers and had certainly seen better days.

Work we carried out

Our customers liked the idea of a resin bound installation but wanted to also increase the size of the main patio area.

We excavated the loose gravel area and created a new design using curves for the extended area. The new geotextile membrane was installed and a base of MOT Type-1 added.

New blocks were installed to edge the installation and the entire area finished in Pearl Quartz aggregate bound in UVR Resin.

Such a huge transformation that is now permeable, weed resistant and will require very little maintenance.

Resin Bound Patio Overlay in Gunthorpe

Resin Bound Patio Makeover in Gunthorpe

The Beginning

Our customer had an existing patio area that had seen better days and required constant maintenance to keep looking reasonable. They wanted to improve the look of the garden with a new patio but also wanted something that wasn’t going to take their time up having to maintain to keep looking nice.

Work we carried out

We suggested overlaying the patio area with Resin Bound surfacing which would required next to no maintenance, looks superb and would require minimum fuss and mess to install.

The end result was a bright, cheerful patio and pathway area that will require next to no maintenance and looks superb. The whole project was completed in just two days.

Resin Bound Patio and Pathway in Whittlesey

Resin Patio, Pathways and Fencing in Whittlesey

The Beginning

Our customer had an old concrete pathway and a slabbed patio area that they wanted to improve the look of and reduce maintenance to keep looking nice.

Work we carried out

A Resin Bound overlay was recommended and two colours decided on after visiting our showroom.

A second patio area was created to seat a garden swing and all the pathways and patio were edged with charcoal blocks.

New closeboard fencing was also installed and the entire resin install completed in one day ready for our customers to enjoy in the lovely weather.

Pagoda Repair

Pagoda Makeover for Deaf Blind UK

The beginning

Our client at Deaf Blind UK had a new Resin Bound project (2nd resin project in fact) that they wanted us to work on and at the same asked if there was anything we could do to improve a pagoda they had in the grounds.

Work we carried out

We removed the broken trellis that was previously used to roof the pagoda and replaced with boards. New felt tiles were then used to finish the roof and improve aesthetics. The wood was then all stained to tidy the old posts up and protect the wood.
Resin Bound Driveway Yaxley

Resin Bound Driveway Installed in Yaxley

The beginning

Our customers had a large patio area, pool area and driveway that they were fed up of having to remove weeds from and wanted to improve the look of.

Work we carried out

After considering various options it was decided that a Resin Bound installation would installed. Sterling Silver was used around the pool and patio area at the rear of the house and Slate Grey used at the front of the driveway in two parts, split using a professional edging bead. A massive transformation all-round that will require much less maintenance to keep looking nice.
Resin Bound Pathway Completed in Holme

Resin Bound Patio and Pathway in Holme

The beginning

Our customers were fed up of their tired looking patio area that just seem to collect leafs and puddle.

Work we carried out

The customer visited our showroom and decided that she would like our Classic blend of aggregate as the finishing course and we got to work preparing the ground work. Old manhole covers we lifted and replaced with recessed covers and charcoal block edgings used to surround the entire area. A pathway through the driveway gates was widened and a small step area at the back was vastly improved with a single step and resin bound finish. The front path and step was also treated to a makeover with new blocks and a Resin Bound finish to match. The transformation is remarkable and our clients have asked to quote them for a driveway area to match.

Resin Bound Eating Area for Highlees School in Peterborough

Resin Bound Eating Area and Railings for Highlees School in Peterborough

The beginning

We had previously completed some fencing for Highlees school in Peterborough which they were extremely happy with, so they contacted us regarding an outside eating area that they wanted to improve the look of, make safer and reduce the maintenance of.

Work we carried out

The previous decking area was demolished and environmentally disposed of ready for us to prepare the ground for a new permeable, resin bound eating area. The area was excavated to a larger area and 28 tonne of MOT Type-1 installed as a sub base. New edging blocks were installed around the area and a oval created some distance away from the tree to help minimise root issues. New metal railings were fabricated and the posts installed prior to compacting the Bitumen base course. The Bitumen base was installed and compacted and Red aggregate bound in UVR Resin hand troweled to the entire area. Once this had cured the metal railings were installed and the project was complete. The end result was exactly what was envisioned by the school and they are extremely happy with the new area which will require far less maintenance, wont puddle or be affected by weeds.
Resin Bound Patio in Wisbech

Resin Bound Patio installed in Wisbech

The beginning

Our client had a patio area in the rear garden they wanted to improve the look of and also remove a number of steps.

Work we carried out

It was decided that Resin bound would be the most suitable material and we began with new base work to widen the area into the pathway. A new step was created at the back door and the step areas in the patio were altered to slopes. The whole project was treated to Pearl Quartz aggregate bound in UVR Resin. The final result is a much cleaner looking patio area that will improve drainage and require very little maintenance to keep looking nice.