Resin Bound Driveway Installed in Upton Close Stanground

The Beginning

The customers wanted to replace their slabbed driveway with something easier to walk on as the slabs had moved over the years, and something that would require little to no maintenance.

They had been given a quotation from another company that yet again said it would be perfectly okay to Resin on top of the slabs even though the install is to be used for vehicular traffic.

This is not the case. Resin bound can be installed on top of two types of existing bases for a driveway – Concrete and Tarmac. It can be overlaid onto over surfaces such as slabs and block paving but the base needs to be checked by one of our team beforehand to check it is suitable and it can only be used for foot traffic.

Be very cautious of anyone insisting it is okay to overlay onto slabs or block paving for vehicular traffic as this is definitely not the case.

Work we carried out

The entire area of slabs excavated and new MOT Type-1 hardcore was installed and compacted. – MOT Type-1 is extremely important. Many companies will use their own recycled or cheaper hardcore material which is not fine enough and will create voids due to the concrete and brick being too large. Inferior quality material is liable to failure under loading and will be susceptible to frost or moisture movement.

New blocks were then installed to the perimeter of the install for edging restraints and the previous slabs that were used for the side of the ramp to the front door were replaced with matching KL blocks to massively improve the aesthetics.

Once all the block work was completed open course bitumen was installed to make the install fully permeable and SUDS compliant. – Some companies use concrete as this is cheaper and easier to install but this does not make the install fully permeable as water will simply sit on top of the concrete.

The install was finished in Autumn Quartz aggregate bound in UVR resin for vehicular traffic.

A huge improvement to the look of the property but also now much easier to walk on.

The install is weed resistant, oil resistant, wont fade in the sun and allows the water to pass straight through it.

Very happy customers.


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