Garden Tidy Up in Werrington

The Beginning

The client who was based in Werrington Peterborough, had a reasonable sized garden but it had been left without proper maintenance other than grass cutting for around 10 months.

There was a lot of weeds towards the rear raised part of the garden and all the hedging and trees had over grown somewhat.

Work we carried out

Jim our very experience mature gardener who has recently started to work more part time with us now wanted to deal with this project personally and started by removing weeds from the the raised section of the garden.

Once all the weeds had been removed he suggested the customer might like to topup this area with bark chippings.

The area already had bark laid down but there were areas where the membrane below could be seen so we recommended 12 90 litres bags of bark to top up the depth as well as replace any damaged membrane areas.

This will make things difficult for weeds to grow back which is ideal for our client who wants minimal maintenance involved.

Once the bark had been laid we cut back all the hedging and trees to allow more light into the garden and cut the lawn area.

The end result was a much brighter and tidier looking garden and a very happy customer.

The customer has booked us to come once a month to keep on top of things.


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