The Beginning

Our client contacted us as they had half their patio missing and wanted to enjoy it for the rest of the summer.

They had found some used slabs that were similar to the rest of the remaining patio and were wanting someone to install them correctly.

The customer was also having issues with Bamboo coming through from next door which needed to obviously be dealt with so it wouldn’t affect the newly installed slabs.

Work we carried out


A full dig out of the install area was completed along with a trench to install a bamboo barrier.

Once the dig out was completed we installed hardcore and laid the slabs to fit in with the rest of the already laid slab work. This obviously involved cuts to make sure everything looks as tidy as possible.

Laying slabs to an already existing slabbing area can be tricky as you need to keep with the levels of the already existing slabs so the new patio doesn’t stick out as freshly laid too much.

The work took a couple of days and as well as being the most lovely customers (Coffee, Biscuits, Bacon Sandwiches etc 🙂 ) they were chuffed to bits with the final result.


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