Patio and Resin Pathway install in Gunthorpe Peterborough

The Beginning

Our customer stumbled across our advertisement in Werrington Spotlight magazine and asked us to pop over and measure up for a small budget patio area to replace an old hexagon decorative area in her garden.

Whilst we were there she asked us for our opinion of what could be used to improve a concrete pathway at the front of the property that had broken up and become a bit of a tripping hazard.

The lady had been let down by another company so wanted to have the work completed asap, fortunately enough we were only few metres away installing a Resin Bound drive in the coming weeks so we were able to install the work at the same time.

Work we carried out

The existing hexagon decorative area was excavated and new MOT type-1 hardcore installed to created a strong base. The new buff patio slabs were then installed and the surrounding area pointed up to the existing concrete pathway which had moved and was at varying levels, to prevent any tripping points.

It was a no-brainer when it came to the uneven pathway that Resin Bound should be used.

The lady wanted a nice bright and cheerful colour and decided upon Autumn Quartz.

New edging blocks in charcoal were installed and Autumn Quartz aggregate troweled in UVR resin for foot traffic.

The end result is a nice level pathway that looks superb and will require no maintenance.


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