Replacing a Poorly Installed Resin Driveway

The beginning

Our customers initially approached us for advice regarding a driveway that was installed by another company that they weren’t happy with. Upon inspection it was clear that the install was not completed correctly. A plastic grid system was used as a new base for an extended area which although is suitable for use in a Resin installation it isn’t anything we would recommend.  As well as this the grid wasn’t correctly filled with aggregate anyway which led to failure. The Resin had been trowelled ridiculously thin which led to the plastic grid actually piercing through the Resin and areas at the front of the garage had weeds penetrating. The so called “warranty” wasn’t up to much as the company simply ignored the customers emails and calls even after they progressed with legal action.

Work we carried out

We lifted the existing resin and removed all the plastic grid. A new bitumen base was installed with MOT Type-1 hardcore and opencourse 14mm. The area at the front of the garage was cut back to allow Resin to be trowelled at the correct depth of 18-20mm Once the install was prepared the project was trowelled in Slate Grey aggregate bound in UVR Resin. It goes to show that finding a reputable company for this type of work is vital. We have recently been called out to lots of installs that have been poorly completed and have had to install again (two of which were installers listed on so called “trusted trader” type sites). Our recommendation to anybody considering a driveway installation is to do your research and look at google reviews. These are difficult for people to fake unlike the “trusted trader” type websites that a lot of companies register with as a method of being able to leave lots of fake reviews. You can read more about this here –  


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