Take down and install new fencing in Easton on the Hill

The Beginning

Our client in Easton on the Hill had a a small fence at the bottom of his garden that really was on its last legs.

He wanted to install a taller 6ft fence at the back of the garden and along the right hand side going to what was originally a small gate.

He wanted a larger 6ft gate installed with some panels to the sides for increased privacy and security.

Work we carried out

We started by cutting down a large hedge and shrubbery that was at the back and side of the garden.

Once completed were able to remove the existing damaged fencing ready to install the new one.

We started the install of 30 metres of 6ft Waney fence panels on timber posts at the back of the garden, continuing the install to the right side of the garden at a slight angle to the front of the house where we needed to install the new gate.

A new gate was custom built to fit perfectly for the customer and we added featheredge side panels to either side to help improve security and privacy for the customer as they required.


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