Should I repair or replace my roof?

25 August 2016

There a quite a few things you are going to have to take into account if you have a damaged roof and are in two minds, whether to replace it or simply fix it. I’ve put together a list of useful questions you can answer to help you make the right decision.

  1. How old is your roof, and how long is it realistically expected to last?

If you have a 19 year old roof and it is only expected to realistically last for 20 years it makes sense to replace it, if your finances allow it. I’ve listed below the most common roofing materials and given some approximate lifespan ideas.

Cement Tiles: This is probably the most common roofing material that is used residentially and it’s usually expected to last around 40 years in the UK.

Cement Roofing Tiles

Natural Slate: This is generally found used on older listed buildings. Natural slate can last well into 100 years.

Natural Slate

Synthetic Slate: Designed to look like natural slate, synthetic slate is made up of a mixture of plastic and rubber with a lifespan of between 40-50 years. (Most new synthetic slate comes with a guarantee of around 40 years).

Synthetic Slate

Cedar Shingles: Cedar Shingles are used for domestic and commercial roofing, they are generally produced from material remaining after logs have been processed by commercial mills and although quite expensive they look superb. I would expect these to last around 25 years but this could be increased to around 40 years if treated with with Tanalith ‘E’ preservative.

Cedar Shingles Roofing

Metal: Metal roofing is gaining in popularity here in the UK. The lifespan is good to at around 50 years.

Metal Roofing

Depending on how old your roof is compared to how long its lifespan is, here are a few suggestions on when you are best off repairing apposed to replacing your roof.

When you are best off repairing your Roof:

  • If the leak is the first leak you have had
  • If the leak appears after heavy rain and you can spot it each time in the same area
  • If the leak appears to be coming from an area with a missing or damaged tile
  • If it is going to be too expensive for you to afford a full roof replacement

When you should consider replacing your Roof

  • If there a number of leaks in different places that you have already tried repairing
  • If the roof has lots of damaged or missing tiles
  • If the roof has become damaged through a storm and replacement will be covered by insurance
  • If you want to increase the desirability and value of your home.

What next?

Replacing or fixing your roof is just the start. You will now need to decide if you think it is a job you are capable of carrying out yourself or if you are going to employ a professional to do the work for you.

If you are having issues with your roof and want some advice, please feel free to contact our office on 01733 306022 or visit our roofing information page and request a quote for any work you might require.



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