The Different Solid Fence Styles For Your Garden

5 October 2021

The Different Solid Fence Styles For Your Garden

Fencing is an important component in the landscaping process, and it’s crucial for homeowners to choose a fence type that will work best with their garden. Our professionals can help walk you through all of your options so we’re sure you make an informed decision about which style might be right for your property!

Since there are so many types and styles of fencing, we’ve broken it down into different parts.


Solid Fencing Panels

Solid fence panels are the ultimate solution for privacy. They provide a strong timber screen that cannot be seen through and has no gaps, which makes them impossible to see unless you’re right on top of it!

Fencing installed in Holbeach
Fencing installed in Holbeach

The landscape fence that has been utilised for centuries, Featherboard or “Featheredge” fencing is a robust solid panel designed to create privacy and protection. Our modern styles also offer just as much security with their contemporary appearance!

Featheredge Fencing is made from sawn timber pales that run the length of a fence, secured at either end with rails and posts or panels. The Pales are then tapered and overlap each other as there is no space between them, which is why we call this a solid fence panel because nobody can see through into your garden or property.

Decorative Panels

Decorative fencing panels offer a fun and creative way to create ambiance in your garden. The Venetian style is made from slats, which are horizontal pieces of wood with spaces between them that make it look like an intricate fence or wall design.

The sturdy slats are secured all around by a strong supporting frame holding each individual board in position and they’re further reinforced with an additional rail or two, depending on the height of your panel.

Decorative Fencing Peterborough
Decorative Fencing Peterborough

Decorative panels have featured in many high profile show gardens, as well as being adopted by garden designers for use on their client’s projects. They’re perfect where an eye-catching fence is desired – think modern contemporary homes or entries into competitions!

The Venetian, Louvre and Metro fence panels are perfect for anyone who needs a modern look with old-fashioned values. These semi solid slat fences have gaps between each board that allow light to pass through while still keeping the air moving. Perfect for garden designs that allow you to create a type of persona or section within your space, these screens are great as dividers.

Hit and Miss Fencing

Hit and Miss Fencing Peterborough

The Hit & Miss panel design is another great example of a semi-solid fence. It features wide, slat-like pieces that alternate from front to back on this open surface without any dividers in between them for an industrial feel!

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