Anthracite Grey Windows and Doors

13 October 2021

Anthracite Grey Windows and Doors in Peterborough

A new, trendy colour has been making the rounds in homes across Peterborough – and it’s not without reason. What is Anthracite Grey? Why are people opting for double glazed windows made of this shade instead of other options such as white or brown? Find out all about these questions here!

Anthracite Grey Windows and Doors Peterborough
Anthracite Grey Windows and Doors Peterborough

What is Anthracite Grey?

Anthracite is actually a type of coal used to create energy that has a darker grey-near black appearance. It has become a popular colour for many home improvement projects over the last few years and has fast become one of the most popular colour choices for windows and doors.

Anthracite Grey windows and doors are a beautiful complement to properties built with natural building materials. This colour can be paired for both traditional countryside homes or urban living, making it perfect in any environment! When matched up against reclaimed stone; these shades bring out the colours more clearly than ever before.

Low Maintenance Design

As a colour, grey is often seen in classic and elegant settings. It can be forgiving to the Peterborough homeowner because it’s not too flashy (even though there are many different shades) and due with this colour it is less likely to show up dirt as white windows for example.

Kerb Appeal

Making the most of your home by investing in attractive and high-quality features like anthracite grey windows or doors will help to increase its kerb appeal. This colour is an excellent selling point that can attract buyers when you’re looking to sell your home.

Get Anthracite Grey Window or Door Prices

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