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New Porcelain Patio, Fencing and Conservatory Take Down in Werrington
New Patio Installation in Werrington Peterborough
Porcelain Patio Being installed in Werrington
Porcelain Patio with grey border installed in Werrington
New Patio in grey installed in Peterborough
Porcelain Patio Installed in Werrington Peterborough
Old Conservatory Base Being Removed in Peterborough
Conservatory being taken down in Peterborough
Old Conservator to Take Down in Peterborough

The beginning

Our customers had moved into a new property that had an old conservatory they wanted to take down and installed a new patio along with new fencing and a gate.

Work we carried out

It was decided that the customer wanted the patio to now be on all one level where it was currently on two different levels.

The conservatory was taken down, environmentally disposed of and the base excavated ready for new hardcore installation. 

A geotextile membrane was laid and new hardcore base installed and compacted. 

We then installed a light grey Porcelain patio which is extremely low maintenance, with raised border edging created using KL blocks in charcoal.

New fencing panels were erected along with a new gate.

The finished install is much cleaner, all on one level with falls to move water and overall a big transformation.


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